Register user to mailchimp list

Create your form

Create your form

Save your form

Add a mailchimp action

Add mailchimp action

Setup integration settings

Set mailchimp api key - click the "get help here" link to view mailchimp documentation on how to get the API key

Click the "Get lists" button to get your mailchimp lists. If you dont have any lists yet go to your mailchimp account and create one

Select the list which the user will be registered to

Select the contact form 7 tag that will be used

You can add a checkbox that will be used to check if the user approved his registration.

You can enable opt-in (this will send an email to the user to approve his registration)

You can add conditional logic, use this feature to choose which mailing list to register the user for Or for example register to mailchimp only if the user checked a certian checkbox...

Map your custom fields

Map your extra form fields, The "get lists" button will also import all the available fields that you cam use

Save your changes

And That's It

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